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The original recipe, award winning, HATM Hot Sauce. 


The original HOWL hot sauce is made from 3 types of fresh chilli-Scotch Bonnet, bullet peppers and asian green chillies. The base is tomato and onion, with roasted garlic and maple syrup to add a delicious flavour and sweetness to the fire of the chillies, malt vinegar adds a sharpness and acts as a preservative. Rated as medium-hot, this is not the spiciest sauce out there, but is definitely one of the tastiest.

Rated "Medium-Hot", it is a challenge for most palates. For the hardened chilli-head it is still no pushover.

A long lasting burn from the scotch bonnets, a sharp tang from the malt vinegar and a touch of sweetness from the maple syrup combine with the savoury flavours of onion, tomatoes and roast garlic to give a unique tasting hot sauce that is incredibly addictive.


All products are vegan friendly, made in small batches in my kitchen in Runcorn, 5 star hygiene rating from our local EHO

6 x 150ml Howl at the Moon Hot Sauce

  • Tomatoes, onion, roast garlic and tons of fresh chilli peppers.

  • Pizza, fried breakfast, egg/omellette dishes. Can also be used as a marinade, dip or simply drink it from the bottle.

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